The Music

We do this because of music.  It’s all about the music and how it makes us feel.  It’s the soul of the party. Our DJs are equally passionate and together we create amazing parties.
This time we have tied up with the finest Australian producers, Random Soul, who will be accompanied by DJ Andy Donaldson with his sexy, deep and soulful underground vibes.

Random Soul will be represented by DJ Husky. You cant help but be captivated by their music, which oozes soul, jazz, and funk including the supreme vocal stylings of the beautiful Chloe West.  To take it up a notch, joining them will the highly talented Scotty with the sexy sounds of sax!

Their sound carries far beyond the shores of Australia as they continuously release music and remixes for dance floors across the globe.

Whatever the occasion, the tunes will keep you on the dance floor and will get your attention. Whether sipping cocktails in the early evening or peak time on the dance floor, their infamous groove and energy will at the very least, leave you tapping your feet.

Be Moved….

The Contact

Karen on 0412 690 115
or Muneesh on 0424 033 909 or