Party for a Purpose

We have been away for a while and taking a long extended break from partying, but now we are back to make a difference in the world!

We have always been passionate about raising money for a good cause and now we are going to step up the activity to consistently raise money for people that really are in need around the world.

This time we’re supporting the victims of the Nepal earthquake through the ADARA foundation.  ADARA have been working in Nepal since 1998 and have the local infrastructure and distribution capability to ensure the money gets to the victims rather than get lost in the system.

We have met the inspiring CEO of Adara Group, Audette Exel, who is a passionate and  inspiring leader, supporting kids in Nepal and Uganda through her not for profit organisation.
Hope you can join us to make a difference!

The Contact

Karen on 0412 690 115
or Muneesh on 0424 033 909 or